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Saturday, July 24, 2010

HIM :'(

ZAFF ! topic fer todayy i'll change it to confessing my heart to someone ! x jd laa, aku nkk cete psl "mak" ann tuu .. huhu .. ;D erm, okeyy laa .. backk to myy topic,huhu .. it's been 1 year n 2 months i'm totally SINGLE and i likes it . but, i can't hide love or a cough . it's true ! when i'm in love, i can't hide it ! however, i'm very well trained in hiding my feelings . yup ! i likes someone ~ i really3 likes him a lot ! it seems to be pretty a hard task on making the best love confession . i've his phone number, we've txted happily and we share experiences and exchange advices . at school, we smile at each other, u also be my company when i was alone waited fer the bus . but, that was then . now, u started stop fer txting me 4 months ago . since that, i'm starting confusing and always wonderingg "whyy" ??? out of blue, i saw u with another girl(we called her bijan) n she's my fren(not closerto, knl gitu2 jep but she's my classmate in form 1) u were looks so romantic, ur smile on her it's totally diffrence when u smile on me awakk ! franklyy, i'm big jelousyy !!! i've heard so much things that i don't like to hear . to many people says u're to obsessed at her . u always gave her flying kissed ! even u saw her bag without the owner u still gave her flying kiss on her bag awakkk !!! n is it must holding hand in school awakk ?! x malu ker org mengata ?! do u to obsessed on her awakk ?? or have she used "something" until u fallen on her in a sec awakk ??? OMG !!! awakk, i really sad cuz i've to watched all the shit scenes u've made with her . i don't hates u. even u've cheated me to much ! i don't noe y awakk . perhaps ... yup! i'm still liking u awakk . but, i noe, in ur heart there's no space fer me cuz that girl have made u blind ! i noe, u'll not read these that's why i made some confession here n my intention i don't want u to noe wht i'm feels rite now awakk ! there is nothing wrong with loving in silence. i just managed to keep it so that i won't hurt someone else and ruin ur relationship . ouh, (R.I bin. J.I) i'm missing u . :'(


  1. 'there is nothing wrong with loving in silence.' you right sayangggggg. very hard to love someone as well hard even just like someone. no matter wht , be strongg.

  2. cian awakk.. :(
    ni mesti awakk teros sedih lepas kite cite yg
    r.i tu flying kiss kt beg bijan kan ??
    sory awakk.. kite da buat awakk sedih..:(

  3. azi : that's rite .. thxx awkk ;)
    zaff : x de laa .. alaa, bnde dh jd zaff . wht else can i do . kau x wat aku sedih ponn .. beselaa, wa touching lebih der ..