ASSALAMUALAIKUM... Ziraa tak sabar nak cuti sem.Kehkehkeh. Sir, saya nak A+ ea untuk subject ini :) kehkehkeh...
I LOVE YOU !: August 2012

Saturday, August 11, 2012

STORED and STUCKING in my "prison" !

Midnight hour. It's Saturday. Happy weekend guys(!) Hope this weekend gonna explodes you all. Talking about weekend. My weekend wasn't good this lately cause it's a month I did "stored" myself in my room. Just like "stucking" in the "prison of knowledge" of something. Yeah, I need to go through with all my assignments and tests. It's really extremely frustrating me. I might looks normal but I am not this time. Seriously, I need to get out of here I mean that I need to back home A.S.A.P(!)

This weekend it's the last week before everybody go home for Hari Raya break and Mid Term Break. It's just for a week we having our holiday. It's totally killing me inside. Mana tak nya, naik je cuti raya Test sana sini. Assignments kena submit. I don't know whether I will get my rest or not. Nak rehat masa cuti raya pon tak boleh sebab masa cuti kena study dn buat assignments semua. Nak beraya lagi. Ya Allah~ I've got A LOAD OF WORKS TO DO. So, yeah. My to-do-list increase higher than I taught.

Hmm... Other than talking about my boring weekend. I feel something else too. I feel the emptiness of my heart. I am just miss him soooo muchhh rather than I can say.

So, Goodbye and Goodnight.
Have a great explodes weekend readers =)

The tree just like me, alone without its leaves. The guy just like me too, frustrating and no one by my side.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

10 days left for RAMADHAN!

It's Thursday, 20th Ramadhan. 10 days left to carry out the responsibilities in fasting. 
10 days left for Ramadhan also means it's a LAILATUL QADAR night that no one knows when it is.
 So, take the opportunity to fill in your Rewards from HIM as much as possible(!) 
Just get up in the midnight to perform worship to pray quietly what benefits to ourselves. 
Especially for the students(!) This is the time for us to pray for our success, become the students of excellence, always study-holic, and get flying colors in the result. 
Seriously, pray(!) 
Dalam usia kita yang muda ini, berdoalah tentang ILMU dahulu kemudian barulah tentang kehidupan kita yang selebihnya.
 Knowledge change us(!)

*recite Quran to get serene heart.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


It's midnight. Sharp 1a.m in 6th August 2012. I can't sleep cause I've just took caffeine about 2 hours ago. Jadi burung hantu jap ekhh. HEHE. I always want to updating my blog but I don't have to much time to spent here. Out of sudden, this little heart want to confess something deeply from the bottom of my heart.

Speaks out, I AM NOT STRONG like my appearance everyday. I AM NOT SMART like my others friends. I AM NOT BEAUTIFUL like other girls who looks simple but still looks pretty in peoples eyes. I AM NOT HAPPY as I shows you my laugh. I AM NOT BRAVE as you see me walking up straight without look back. I AM TOTALLY TOTALLY STILL NOT GOOD ENOUGH ABOUT WHO I AM TODAY! I AM NOT COMPLETE FOR WHAT I AM DOING, DID OR WHATEVER!

I always seek for my strengths in everything I do. These days, there are to much great students with genius brains are competes for victory. I only have ONE DREAM that I do really want it sooo baddd. I WANT TO BE A SMART STUDENTS. I always remember my dad says " people who have knowledge will always look noble. You looks beauty with knowledge." Tp, adik tak lawa =(  Dad says make sense to me. He also had told me " nak pakai barang branded boleh. Abah tak kisah. Tp, otak kena bijak. Tak guna pakai barang branded tp, otak stupid."

Father says always TRUE! And Yes! I do what he said. I don't mind that I am not pretty. Pretty is just a temporary gift from HIM. All I want is SEEK KNOWLEDGE until liang lahad. It's okay even though I'll not get 4.00 for every semester. But, I must go and run to achieve it. We can change future! Trying is not waste guys. You just waste your time by your LAZY! Lazy controlling yourself all the time.

6WEEKS left for kuliah session. Final is just about 2month less. Seriously, this semester my target is too big! A lot more work I need to finish. Just need the spirits from others who I love =')

So, goodnight all =)
Stay beauty as always. Muaahhhaha.

-I am still improving my writing skills-