ASSALAMUALAIKUM... Ziraa tak sabar nak cuti sem.Kehkehkeh. Sir, saya nak A+ ea untuk subject ini :) kehkehkeh...

Sunday, February 24, 2013



I just get this feelings to post something on my blog. That's not my story generally but... Some product evaluation that I'm using it now. Ahah, this entry specially for young ladies out there(!) So, if your age is above 25 pls DO NOT read this(!) HAHA. Nay, I'm just kidding. Stay here. Stay still. READ READ READ... Till the end... Brrrr. Tengokkk, Ziraa merepek. Alright, back to our product evaluation. This time I'm gonna talk about THE BEST BB CREAM(!) Yeahhh, sound attractive kan young lady out there? HEHEHE. That's how I'm gonna "pulling" you you and you to read and stay at my BLOG(!) So, let's proceed...

Girls, based on MY OPINION. Female at least should put something on their faces. Do you agree? I mean like at least laah... Pakai laa bedak talkum tuu. Haa, so your face will not look oily. But, that's for those female who do not have any acne problems on their faces bole laa just ignore my post and go on with bedak talkum tuu. Ziraa jealous sebenarnya... :( WHY? Ye laa. To be honest, Ziraa pakai BB CREAM and COMPACT POWDER just because I wanna to cover up my acne probs(!) That's all(!) It's not for glamorous, attention or attraction from guys. NO WAYYYYY(!) Seriously, if my acne doesn't show up I will never ever gonna use any BB CREAM or whatsoever stuff related to cover up this acne :'( Bedak talkum would be just nice...

Dah lama sebenarnya Ziraa start pakai BB CREAM ni. Since after SPM. Tp, kalau hangout dgn gegirls and friends time sekolah tuu of course laa kena pakai BB CREAM. hahaha. Brrrrr. For this almost 3 years finally I've met the BEST EVER BB CREAM ON EARTH ! (bg pendapat ziraa laa) It's very very very works(!) Ladies should try it out(!) WHAT kind of that BB CREAM? Ahah, this is....


This BB CREAM released on the middle of 2012 laah tak silap. Ziraa start using this on OCTOBER 2012 sebab masa tuu kakak ziraa baru je beli and she asked me to tried it out. So, apa lagi... Ziraa pon letak laa kat muka nih. Mula2 pakai rasa macam... "EKH, macam tak pakai apa2 pon?! Biaa betol?! Eee. Bullshit. Tipuu ni..." BUT, we shouldn't assume first before completely apply on our face. After applied BODY SHOP BB CREAM ni, try to put your compact powder. and it will.... AMAZINGLY and SUPER MAGICAL effective...(!) YES(!) I'm sooooo happy when finally I've met my "friends". HAHAHA.
*ATTENTION(!) Pls apply this BB CREAM correctly and DO NOT put to much on your faces.

Don't ask the price. WHY not you girls just go to any THE BODY SHOP (click to go bodyshop website) branch and see it yourself. HAHA. This one, kakak Ziraa yang bagi... :) Kami memang selalu sharing barang. Tp, Ziraa je tak ada barang nak share dgn dy. Maklomlaa, student lagi. HAHAHA.

SO, those girls with acne problems SHOULD and MUST TRY this BB CREAM(!) Trust me(!) It's works effectively(!) Tapi, ziraa hanya pakai bila hangout dgn gegirls shj. Bila pergi class pakai other BB CREAM. hehehe ;)

If there's any BB CREAM for your opinion is so far good let me know. I wanna try it out and compare with mine. Weeee~

Au Revior~

Thursday, January 31, 2013

WHAT actually IMD 208 ?

ASSALAMUALAIKUM dear beautiful and handsome readers =)

Had been so long I did not update my blog. Been left with dusty old posts. Now I am currently active in TUMBLR (click here). Yeahh, tumblr more fun when compared to blog. Seriously(!) I am gonna begin to update this blog just for a few months.. I guess.. Cause this blog seems is specially reserved to the subject 208. HAHA. 

Talking about 208 subject actually the name of this subject is INTRODUCTION TO WEB CONTENT MANAGEMENT OF DESIGN. It's more for html, coding, tags, script, etc. To be honest, I am damn weak in this kind of subject because I am not a visual learners actually. It's more on how you gonna put the html coding on the page and I can't act quickly. BUT, if it's related about words, letters, essay I am simply easy to catch and act fastly. Yeahhh, I'm auditory learners. I can read a fully essay with calm and easily understand. Weird huh?

Forget it...

So, what else I wanna write? For the time being there is nothing to tell. So, I'm gonna end up this post. So, ADIOS !

 Gonna meet you soon,farah :)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Utterly Feel Alone !

I feel utterly alone right now. I decided to ignore him because I can’t stay attached anymore, it hurts too much. He noticed it. He also stated that it hurt him that I ignore him because of it he doesn’t want to hang out with me until it is all fine. I think that’s ripping me apart. I want to see him and spend time with him but it feels like it just.. I don’t know. Painful? I don’t want to ignore him and I even have to force myself into saying I’m mad at him. I don’t want to though. I like him a lot. That kills me. I really hate this. Extremely even. I don’t even think he understands how much I really love him and care about him. God knows right? He can see it. Like maybe I’m not suppose to talk to him. I trust him though right? To at least be there to listen. I want to cry right now.. But I know doing that will not help me at all. So I’ll stay quiet and let time pass. Maybe, just maybe, I can let myself hope again.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

STORED and STUCKING in my "prison" !

Midnight hour. It's Saturday. Happy weekend guys(!) Hope this weekend gonna explodes you all. Talking about weekend. My weekend wasn't good this lately cause it's a month I did "stored" myself in my room. Just like "stucking" in the "prison of knowledge" of something. Yeah, I need to go through with all my assignments and tests. It's really extremely frustrating me. I might looks normal but I am not this time. Seriously, I need to get out of here I mean that I need to back home A.S.A.P(!)

This weekend it's the last week before everybody go home for Hari Raya break and Mid Term Break. It's just for a week we having our holiday. It's totally killing me inside. Mana tak nya, naik je cuti raya Test sana sini. Assignments kena submit. I don't know whether I will get my rest or not. Nak rehat masa cuti raya pon tak boleh sebab masa cuti kena study dn buat assignments semua. Nak beraya lagi. Ya Allah~ I've got A LOAD OF WORKS TO DO. So, yeah. My to-do-list increase higher than I taught.

Hmm... Other than talking about my boring weekend. I feel something else too. I feel the emptiness of my heart. I am just miss him soooo muchhh rather than I can say.

So, Goodbye and Goodnight.
Have a great explodes weekend readers =)

The tree just like me, alone without its leaves. The guy just like me too, frustrating and no one by my side.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

10 days left for RAMADHAN!

It's Thursday, 20th Ramadhan. 10 days left to carry out the responsibilities in fasting. 
10 days left for Ramadhan also means it's a LAILATUL QADAR night that no one knows when it is.
 So, take the opportunity to fill in your Rewards from HIM as much as possible(!) 
Just get up in the midnight to perform worship to pray quietly what benefits to ourselves. 
Especially for the students(!) This is the time for us to pray for our success, become the students of excellence, always study-holic, and get flying colors in the result. 
Seriously, pray(!) 
Dalam usia kita yang muda ini, berdoalah tentang ILMU dahulu kemudian barulah tentang kehidupan kita yang selebihnya.
 Knowledge change us(!)

*recite Quran to get serene heart.