ASSALAMUALAIKUM... Ziraa tak sabar nak cuti sem.Kehkehkeh. Sir, saya nak A+ ea untuk subject ini :) kehkehkeh...

Friday, July 30, 2010


* studyy PERD ;) ily
* text books is the most important elements in commerce !

*refrence books yg amat bergune dr cik mai

* antara latihan PERD yg zira kene wat ;)

* most hardest chapter in COMMERCE !

HUHHHH ~ ! mengeluh panjang nmpknyer zira .. erm, mmg agak terkejot bile paper PD telah diawalkan secare tibe2 jep ! zira dpt tauu last week , mmg surprised gile ! i thought paper PD dlm tgh2 bulan gitu laa .. tp, erm . dh naseb . tp, zira x gabra ponn juz a little bit surprised jep cuz commerce an subject yg zira plg minat gile3 so kene bg bykk focus dn dlm "AKU JANJI" zira dh expected target A fer PD so, hopefully zira can get "yummy" result laa . x nkk A jep . if i can A+ msti dlm tgn ! kn. kn. kn. zira kene CONFIDENCE dlm hal nih . zira nkk klhkn dak2 kls 5C ! insyAllah ~
td, mase extra class PD dgn cik mai . cik mai bykk shared experienced dy kt kiteorg . erm, dh tauu zira wat dr awl2 lg tauu ! eee, menyesal teramat sgtt ! tp, x baik menyesal doel . iisshh3 ! hihi .
ok laa, let's sharing good ingredients fer get "yummy" results, pals :
1 . wake up earlyy in the morning at 3.00 a.m fer studyy(reading section) !
(sound hard but it's the perfect time to studyy)
2 . sleep at least 5 hours a day !
(good fer fastest working brain)
3. while u're watin' fer the bus, do at least 5 maths/+maths questions !
4. read surah Yassin and al-Quran at least twice a dayy .
(after subuh prayer and isya' prayer)
5. solat 5 waktu WAJIB jgn tinggal ! INGAT !
6. perbanyakkn solat sunat .
7. respect ur parents ! also ur teachers and ur frens !
okeyy ~ that's 7 ways i'm still doing it . it's working ! guys, u should try it ! u can fell the diffrence studyy in that wayy . i'm not lying u .
Get used to think that success is onlyy a step and must be achieved, undoubtedly a bright future will be in front of you.
* GOOD LUCKK pals !
zira ~

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