ASSALAMUALAIKUM... Ziraa tak sabar nak cuti sem.Kehkehkeh. Sir, saya nak A+ ea untuk subject ini :) kehkehkeh...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

B.F.F !

Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain . but, fer zira a good fren is someone we can count on, as well as being so much more . A fren is someone with whom we can chilex n just hang out, have fun n share our deep dark secrets, deepest thoughts or our hopes , joys n fears .

Frens cheer each other on, laugh n cry together n listen to each other .

That's y friends are friends ~

OK !

all things it's already fixed up !

n thxs to all fer ur cooperate to settled these kinda probs that get on everyone nerves .

ok, zira already apologize with everyone . n die ponn dh minx maaf dr zira .

so, thx laa sume cuz x nkk wat hal nih turn worst .


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