ASSALAMUALAIKUM... Ziraa tak sabar nak cuti sem.Kehkehkeh. Sir, saya nak A+ ea untuk subject ini :) kehkehkeh...
I LOVE YOU !: You can't fix stupid !

Friday, October 15, 2010

You can't fix stupid !

Hi there, i'm a human being ! WHAT are you ? I HATES U LIKE A HELL !!!! hey bitch ! i just wanna to say something to u, i'm FUCKING u rite now ! GO TO HELL ! whose her that u're calling bitch, ziraa ? she's NABILAH SARIPUDIN a.k.a BIJAN(smellyy) ! yeahh ! i'm fucking hate her more than i hate a pig ! BURGHHH ! i noe it's not worth at all we're fighting bout this . but, i never taught that u've such a rotten heart like a devil ?? SEEING UR FACE, IT'S MAKE ME WANNA SAY "ARE'U LADYKILLER ?? uhh, it's because when they take one look at u, they'll die of shock !" okeyh, that's it ! nothing much to sayy . myb laterrr ~ awayyy !

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