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I LOVE YOU !: COOK vs PSD ! aha !

Friday, March 18, 2011

COOK vs PSD ! aha !

Assalamualaikum ;)
hye hye hye !
i do not quite have long time to update my blog ..
 huuhh, kind of cannt believe i only hv 1month dsnt updte my blog ..
seriouslyy, i'm damn busyy with my work . as usually laa kn ..
need to wake up early in the dawn .
so, if we've not updated the blog, we would think tht "whether we need to end this blog?"
 so, i've made a desicion too keep goin fer update my blog from time to time .

I've many stories to be told to u all about the work ~
aha! but, I will first tell a story that made me angry in the workplace . HUH ! i really hated by some people at my workplace cuz i DID NOT do any mistakes against HER, but she dsnt like me . sounds weird rite ? but, indeed there're people like that ! 
story like this .. I do have to make sayur1 during plating. as responsible employees should be honest when I give the patient the number and quantity of the vegetable. when the vegetables have wanted out, I call for runners for the cook knows that the vegetable was about to run out. but, what I can? she asked me to pull back and use a sayur2. hello, I already pull a lot of times until the vegetables are almost out of the back caused me to take. I was waiting for her 2nd n 3rd class fried vegetables . but, no. ok ok. I can be patient. but, some people tell me that she told me to complain so many vegetables i've used . HELL-o do you know the amount of vegetables to give to patients?! tahu masak jep wat ape, kalau x tauu ape2 tentang diet pesakit ! peleaseee ! happened to my sister worked there, but under the government's JABATAN SAJIAN HSI . I know, she did not like my sister because she's too picky and always complain about her cooking. it was my sister's job because the hospital had to pay to each of the prices of food so, the QUALITY AND QUANTITY should be enough! If she does not like my sister why she should not like me??! really stupid question, right? ELDERS who like to find articles rite ?! CHEW ! BUEKKK ! fucking hates her !

ok laa ... so far only my story, here todayy .. after this i'll be diligent in updating my blog .. OK ?? insyAllah ~
see yaa ;)
peaceee ~

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