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I LOVE YOU !: stuck and BAM !

Sunday, May 29, 2011

stuck and BAM !

When i 1st saw youuu n youuu .
I was stuck .
Here I am stuck, between someone I love,
and someone I like it all seems so crazy it makes me wanna cus.
One day i love him and the next he makes me mad,
but there’s never one day when he makes me sad.
But thats what makes me love him, his smile and his swagg.
one day i know that he would make a wonderful dad.
Here I am stuck between someone i love an someone i like,
we do have our times, our ups and our down sun always shining,
its funny because this one makes me smile.
He kisses and holds me just the way i like,
he bought me flowers which i dont even like……
lol its ok it was the thought that matters
Im stuck between somone i love and someone i like
i dont know what to do i feel like i wanna cus,
I guess i’ll have to choose now which i really don’t wanna do
but what can i say i think this ones love is true.

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