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I LOVE YOU !: EVIDENCE of true love honesty !

Sunday, June 19, 2011

EVIDENCE of true love honesty !

:: Let me tell you all about ROMANCE ;)
  - ziraa tak laa berapa arif sgt dlm hal cinta. but, wht i'm gonna says is all based on my experience ..
  - read with an open heart :)

Romance is not sure ended with a marriage, even couples in love like Laila and Majnun possessed but in the end break in the middle of the road.. hmm.. mesti sedih gile3 kn.. i squeeze through it..

thus, when reminded old romances, sure many of us have smiled to ourself :)
ahaks.. like me now miles of smiling rite now.. HEHE !

Fer men and women, they would have their own romances, sometimes if written can be novel.. suddenly, i want to create a novel bout my love storyy laa pula.. hehe. Some are disappointed by the decision to single sex until older, as if the first love was too great and can not be replaced by another love. sometimes i do think bout that.. after i break up with him bout couples of years ago. i made a promised with myself that i wont, ever and never in love with anybody.. i fulfilled the promise fer 1year and 6months only.. act, i wait fer him not be a anti-love.. i wait him with patience.. strongly patience! until i dont care wht my friends advice me.. i can only release him after i found out that he had petted(a lover).. finee.. i back off!

back to our story ...

However, fer most of us.. jodoh ketentuan di tgn Tuhan. betul tuu.. thus, failing in love first, second and so on, there is room to heal the grief, guys. when a husband and wife, sometimes recalled the old romances. some of us have the courage to tell their partner bout the love story ever encountered, and the other stores in her/him memory.. fer me, i prefer keep my memory in my mind.. thats more better.. i guess..

Everyone will have a story of the past, whether BAD or BEAUTIFUL. this begs the Q, whether the story of the evil past should to be told to our lover?? is if told to prove how deep ur love and ur partner?? or is it by going to the end old story of love will destroy ur relationship??

Some say, if u dont convey the love story of the past, then u would be A LIAR IN FRONT OF THE PEOPLE U LOVE and u cannt possibly love him/her wholeheartedly. this happens especially the couples who are committed to FOREVER TOGETHER, so everyone will entitled to noe the story of his/her beloved partner's.. however, before u want to tell the story of past romance, MAKE SURE YOUR PARTNER ARE READY TO RECEIVE ALL YOUR PAST AND FORGET ABOUT IT !

here some things to look fer to uncover the past :

  • Bagaimana keadaan anda ketika melalui saat-saat percintaan dengan bekas kekasih anda.
  • Kehidupan sekarang lebih baik daripada masa lalu.
  • Cerita percintaan masa lalu itu akan meningkatkan kualiti cinta anda.
  • Ceritakan percintaan masa lalu yang boleh memberi manfaat kepada kehidupan anda dan pasangan ketika ini.
  • Jalani hubungan anda dan pasangan dengan saling menanamkan kepercayaan dalam hubungan cinta.
  • Tanamkan dalam diri hubungan ketika ini amat penting, justeru anda jujur untuk menceritakan kisah percintaan masa lalu.

thats all fer todayy post.. tired laa guys.. hope u all understand wht i am saying.. PROVE UR TRUE LOVE to your partner babe :)


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