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I LOVE YOU !: leave ... leavinggg !

Saturday, June 11, 2011

leave ... leavinggg !

Assalamualaikum :)
hey! hey! hey!
latelyy.. i dnt hv time to update my blog..
i'm quite busy preparing my stuff to college lor.. really dizzy head !
i was just counting days when i would leave everything here..
leaving my mom, dad, sister, brother, niece, sweetyy room, beauttyy house, lovelyy moleyy bed, PC, desk study(many served), DOMO's, andddd my sayangg :*
hehehe :)
feels reluctant to leave them all.. i'm wondering how that would happen if i dnt have their side .. whether they will miss me, usually giving them laughter .. whether they will live well without me that always good to treat their actions .. whether they are healthy are usually me who care for them .. whether they will not feel lonely that i often accompany them .. hmm .. feelings of sadness enveloped me when this .. 
seriousllyy, i cannt be far away from my parents.. I can not be far away from my parents cuz they are my heart, my soul, my blood, my heart and they are everything to me .. 
to my sayangg.. study hard syg, be a successful man in the future, be sure to get the best STPM results from the best. the important thing is nt cheating me sayangg ... me? InsyaAllah ~ i wouldnt be dishonest with u sayangg ~ tungguu i pulang okk... muahaha :*
hehe ! that's it fer todayy post.. i'll be update blog again when there is free time(ada sebenarnye, tp MALAZ !) haha :)
leave u'll with ASSALAMUALAIKUM guys ;)

:: to many things i'll bring awayy until the bag is full enough!
:: nk muntah beg tuu kene sumbat. HAHA

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