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I LOVE YOU !: the past and the presence !

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

the past and the presence !

salam guys :)
this time i'm gonna write bout something bout LOVE!
i'm feeling a bit depressed wth life cuz of this LOVE . hmm, i noe i'm young n my age is nt supposed to think this BUT, wht can i do ... every human being has a love fer other people rite?
I've a bf n i was a bit hesitant about our relationship .. because of "FOR WHAT WE LOVE?" Sometimes i really would think bout this.. YES! I was interested in him since the first day i saw him. I love to see that his eyes shining. but, the interest does not necessarily.. i like him?? it's a Q .. i dnt think that he is interested in me but he is ! and we first knew each othr on May 28 last . we be a lover after two days of our recognize. erm ... kind of cannot believe it rite? may be the love that only requires a two-day introductory?? what's ur opinion guys ?? he said he love me juz the way i'm.. hmm. My heart says... "ZIRAA.. ACCEPT him in ur heart. had long u close the door to ur heart to others. trying to learn to love him and forget the past. he's nice and could have put up with u. WHY dnt u give yourself and himself a chance??? " i'm still wondering guys ... ! truthly saying.. i still love my old lover ... but, i can promise u syg i'll try to forget him as fast as i could n i'm trying to loving u syg ~ sorryyy :(

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