ASSALAMUALAIKUM... Ziraa tak sabar nak cuti sem.Kehkehkeh. Sir, saya nak A+ ea untuk subject ini :) kehkehkeh...

Monday, May 7, 2012


Assalamualaikum dear gorgeous readers =)

WHAT bad of me just left behind my little bloggie alone. Sorry bloggie.. I ignoring you for quite a long time. Seriously, it's not my intend to do so. I'm quite busy with my University things. And I keep busy too even I'm having my 2months holiday. Don't be disappointed on me =(

and HYE to my beautiful readers =) (ada ke org baca blog ziraa? HAHA)
NJ is now back to her old confessing things in her blog. I will voice out anything that will happen or just happen in my routine life. 
What did I do in 6months ago?
Bloop.. So many stupid, amazing and bizarre things has happened..
I can't tell you in detail for all my story. My class schedule was to compact that's why I can't find a space for my blog. I'd rather get some rest like sleep than update my blog. Here, I provide you all some pictures in my 6months life =)

* class picture.

*meet my girls in class.

*my beautiful college.

*my orientation friends.
Sorry, I can't provide to many pictures here. Don't have so much time to take pictures.

That's all for today post. Running out of time guys. I will post a new entry next time.

Salam =)

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