ASSALAMUALAIKUM... Ziraa tak sabar nak cuti sem.Kehkehkeh. Sir, saya nak A+ ea untuk subject ini :) kehkehkeh...
I LOVE YOU !: Seniors !

Friday, June 29, 2012

Seniors !

ASSALAMUALAIKUM, dear my gorgeous readers =)

     Hope all of you were in the great mood while reading or just blog walking into my blog. Today post it's just nothing story to be tell. It's just more than myself about.

     I'm just have started my semester 2 couple weeks ago. Alhamdulillah everything were doing just fine. My schedule was absolutely heaven(!) There's much time for me to take some rest before go to other class for evening session. And again I've got no class on Friday. You guys should be jealous on me okay. HAHA. Oh, My class start at 1.00p.m on Monday. That's why I've told you guys my schedule for this semester was just heaven(!)

     Alright, stop talking about my schedule now let's move on to what I'm gonna telling you. Actually it's my expression of feelings to my senior currently in semester3 now. I say emphatically to all my seniors(who are just related. Not all of them.). I do RESPECT THEM AS MY SENIOR EVEN WE'RE ACTUALLY AT THE SAME AGE. But please do not be to proud of yourself as a senior. Nampak sangat yang korang ni mintak penampar muka tuu. Oohh please guys... Behaves yourself as a senior so that we can refer everything on you bukan berlagak tak kena tempat dan waktu bila nampak kitaorang. So, bila kitaorang nak tanya apa2 or mintak notes or whatsoever through korang, kitaorang akan automatically run from you all and akan berusaha cari other alternative to seeks the info. Eee. Seriously, buruk perangai tuu.

     Whether male or female , they're all the same. The difference between part2 and part3 it's just the intake. Hey, please grateful laa yang korang tuu dapat masuk 1st intake. Rezeki korang kan. Alhamdulillah. Ziraa pon kira bersyukur dapat masuk for 2nd intake. Rezeki ziraa dapat masuk 2nd intake. Is there any differences between 1st intake and 2nd intake? In term of their intelligence perspective? Oh, seriously it's not the major things I guess because I can see that the examination result for 2nd intake is far better than 1st intake. Really, I'm not lying. Ziraa bukan berlagak tahu atau berlagak pandai. Tp, korang sendiri tahu kan. To my sch friends you guys are same(!) To be honest, I dislike who are you now. Ziraa ingat lagi dulu masa kat sekolah korang laah yang rajin bertegur sapa dgn ziraa bila terserempak. As I can see now they're changing their ways for not to be friendly when bumped w me. Okay, Thanks guys. See, you guys just be out from my close friends list.

     For shortly, we who are currently in semester2 also known as part2 in here. We do respect all of you as our seniors. Please do not consider us as a great strangers in your eyes. Be humble. Make us as your friends and be friendly when get bump w us. We are human. Human do respects their dignity(!)

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