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I LOVE YOU !: Mental Disorder !

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mental Disorder !

Assalamualaikum dear beautiful readers =)

     I'm gonna talk honestly in my today post. It's all about my dear roommate. Argghh, kalau boleh Ziraa memang tak nak cerita langsung pasal keburukan orang. BUT, this matter it's to extreme. My roommate was doing a MENTAL DISORDER AGAINST ME(!)

     This incident happened yesterday when I was to busy studying on my desk. The way I study or revise my lessons is I do really really need the quite surrounding. I'm to sensitive w the voice that occurs even though it's just low voices. Seriously... Tapi, masa Ziraa study je laah.

     I can't see my roommate to respect my rights in this room. This 302A room it's called OUR ROOM. Does not belong to you and me(!) Are you really can't see that I was busy studying? WHAT'S WRONG W YOU, dear roommate?! Ziraa tengah khusyuk gilaa study kau TIBA2 ON MP3 KAU SEKUAT ALAM DAN NYANYI KUAT2. Dah kenapa?! Psychotic ke?!

     I can't stand anymore and I went out and study at stairs(!) Alhamdulillah~ I found the peace that I really needed(!) I'm not to comfortable studying there because Ziraa sakit pinggang. Then, I entered my room again, sat on my desk and try to study but in intention hopefully she got what I meant about WHY I went out for a while w my books. Unfortunately, SHE WAS NOT UNDERSTOOD WHAT I'VE TRIED TO TELL HER. and again... SHE TURNING ON THE MUSIC AS LOUD AS POSSIBLE(!) Thanks a lot dear my annoyed roommate. Hell yeahhh(!) That's why I called this matter as a MENTAL DISORDER. She the one who did it to me(!) Ahhhh(!) What'll happen between us along this semester?! Ya Allah~

Seriously, I hate hatin' people because I hate to be hate by people too. So, please DO RESPECT MY RIGHTS, MY PEACE AND WHATEVER THAT'S RELATING TO MYSELF(!) Take note dear roommate.

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