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I LOVE YOU !: 10 days left for RAMADHAN!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

10 days left for RAMADHAN!

It's Thursday, 20th Ramadhan. 10 days left to carry out the responsibilities in fasting. 
10 days left for Ramadhan also means it's a LAILATUL QADAR night that no one knows when it is.
 So, take the opportunity to fill in your Rewards from HIM as much as possible(!) 
Just get up in the midnight to perform worship to pray quietly what benefits to ourselves. 
Especially for the students(!) This is the time for us to pray for our success, become the students of excellence, always study-holic, and get flying colors in the result. 
Seriously, pray(!) 
Dalam usia kita yang muda ini, berdoalah tentang ILMU dahulu kemudian barulah tentang kehidupan kita yang selebihnya.
 Knowledge change us(!)

*recite Quran to get serene heart.

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